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San Diego Zoo

One of the largest in the world, the san diego zoo, offers a memorable experience for animal lovers. It has earned an enviable reputation in the world of zoological societies.

The san diego zoo has made many efforts towards conservation of endangered species, and is a pioneer in “cageless” exhibits. The 90-year old history of the san diego zoo is replete with instances of many path-breaking novelties. For instance, there is an in-house pool of specialist doctors and researchers and also gardens where rare animal food is raised.

Within the long list of species at the san diego zoo, one will notice many that top the list of endangered species. A visit to the zoo must include some quality time with these rare species. Californian Candors, African black rhinos, and many other endangered species can be seen at the san diego zoo. At the zoo, apart from watching these endangered species, you can also learn a lot about them.

The guided bus tour and gondola lift provide an overview of the 100 acre area of san diego zoo. The world-class botanical garden at the san diego zoo also attracts many tourists.

Giant Pandas are a center of attraction at the san diego zoo. Ever since two giant pandas were taken on loan from China, the san diego zoo has paid special attention towards rearing them. Also, go to the Ituri Forest at the san diego zoo to watch rare inter-species interactions!

The deceptively named Children’s zoo is a delightful part of the san diego zoo. In this part there is a lot in store for people of all ages, especially younger minds. You cannot miss the Gorilla Tropics, where an African rain forest is simulated in its natural splendor – waterfalls, meadows, gorillas, pygmy chimpanzees, et al! The natural terrain of the orangutans and siamangs is also simulated at the san diego zoo allowing them to swing freely, and entertain visitor’s with their peculiar vocalizations. The Sun BearForest in the san diego zoo simulates sights, sounds and scents of an Asian tropical rain forest. Other attractions include over 100 birds native to Australia.

The list of rarities at san diego zoo is endless. Truly, the san diego zoo experience is unmatched. At san diego treat your senses to the rare sights, sounds and delights that nature has to offer! zoo



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